[Series] Questions and Answers Week No. 1

This question and answers series has been arranged for those who are interested in philosophical topics and argumentation concerning a broad range of topics. The questions seen below have either been preserved or slightly modified so as to make them more readable for a blogging environment. The question bulletins are hosted via the Guarded Acumen Instagram. To enter a question please respond to the weekly Q&A sessions or email guardedacumen@gmail.com.

Topic: Ask me ‘Philosophy of Religion‘ Questions

Week: 3 / 16 / 20

The Questions and their Answers

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The 2020 Guarded Acumen Reading Plan

This is my personal reading plan for the upcoming year which consists of books covering topics ranging from: philosophy of time, religion, and science and general analytic philosophy. The reading plan has been curated and shared for the purposes of allowing others to read substantive material in short amounts of time.

In addition to helping others, this reading plan will essential hold me accountable to releasing content due to the fact that the material below demands analysis and review. Content for the upcoming year will be based on the literature listed below in multiple formats:

  1. Essays and Subject Series
  2. Book Reviews and Study
  3. Pithy Comments and Annotations
  4. Podcast Discussions

The programme the reading plan abides by is strict and well-defined so as to not neglect the intention of getting through multiple books in a relatively short amount of time. The programme of the reading plan is as follows:

  1. 5 Days of Reading
  2. 2 Days of Rest
  3. 2 Days More to Finish Book
  4. 1 to 2 Days of Rest
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4

If followed through diligently, the reader should get through 3 books a month and 33 books towards the end of the year. However, at the end of the day, the assigned dates and pages do not require strict observance and can be adjusted to your schedule accordingly.

And lastly, the green headers (including this one) have been hyperlinked to their respective book titles in PDF format—which are hosted on the Guarded Acumen Google Drive server. Also check the bottom for a shorter list of the books included in this reading plan.

Happy Reading,

The Guarded Acumen

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